There are many ways in which speech therapy services may help adults with a variety of disorders. Speech and language impairments often arise following a stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), surgery or other neurological event including age-related changes. Speech Matters offers services to support the young adult to geriatric population suffering from the impacts of a speech and language impairment. Speech Matters focuses on helping our patients break down barriers to their environment and increase their functional access to their surroundings.


Other services targeted by speech pathologists for the adult population are:

Cognitive therapy: treatment focuses on helping patients to overcome memory deficits, attention/focus impairments, difficulty with reasoning and problem solving, and awareness difficulties that prevent them from being able to work or interact with family and friends in their daily lives.

Swallowing therapy: patients are evaluated and treated for any difficulties associated with swallowing, including recommending food and liquid consistencies, swallow maneuvers and exercises, and head positioning.

Voice therapy: patients suffering from difficulties with appropriate use of pitch, loudness, breathing, and timing may benefit from intervention including vocal exercises, stretches, and education on vocal hygiene and health. We have certified providers of the LSVT Loud voice treatment for patients suffering from voice and speech difficulties related to Parkinson's Disorders. Voice disorders may require a medical referral, typically from an ENT.

Reading and Writing difficulties: reading and writing are forms of communication and deficits are improved with treatment targeting fluency, comprehension, letter-sound knowledge and phonemic awareness.