Genesis, 24 months:

Our daughter Genesis was diagnosed with speech delay just before her second birthday.  Ariela’s reassurance and positivity was a tremendous help during what was a disheartening situation for me as a parent.  Her enthusiasm for her work was so evident the first time we met.  Genesis took to her immediately and her weekly speech therapy sessions became a household holiday known as “Ariela Day.”  Ariela is patient, kind and we know she genuinely cares for our daughter.  She often invited our eldest child Kaden to participate in his little sister’s therapy sessions so he could feel included.  Our kids simply adore her! Genesis is now almost three and has made huge advancements in her vocabulary and ability to communicate.  We’re forever grateful to Ariela for helping our little girl reach her full potential.

Bryson, 17 months:

It was brought to my attention when my child (Bryson) was 17 months old that he was delayed in his speech. I had my reservations about it but decided to contact the Regional Center. Bryson was then tested in speech, cognition, critical thinking and social ineptness by one of the speech pathologists through the Regional Center. The results confirmed that my son’s speech was on the level of an 11 month old infant. Quite naturally, I was devastated by the news. When we were assigned to Ariela as our speech therapist, Bryson was 21 months old. I was relieved and nervous at the same time. Mainly I was concerned whether or not the sessions would work. At the end of our first session, Ariela assured me that Bryson would be a fast learner. We then agreed to meet twice a week.

After our first meeting, I could tell that Bryson instantly gravitated to Ariela. As his therapist, she was very engaging. She brought games and learning material that catered to the specific educational needs of my child and she made it fun. Overtime, I noticed the growth and the confidence that my son was obtaining in his abilities to communicate. For example, it went from my son using two syllable words “juju” for “juice” to “I want juice”, it went from my son saying momma to learning how to say three and four syllable words. Before my son would only use the word “no” now he uses “yes and no” to answer questions. He speaks in full sentences and even makes suggestions by saying “how about this”. The benefits of him working with Ariela are endless.

In addition, Ariela used token economy to positively reinforce my son’s learning in which I believe helped him become school –ready. When I enrolled my son into his new pre-school, his teacher said that not only was he well behaved, he was also more vocal than the other kids his age. When I received the call about Bryson’s last session with Ariela I was sad.  She had become a valuable part of my son’s learning development and thus I did not want to loose her. However, the fact that we were ending our sessions only reaffirmed that, together, we accomplished our goal. My son will be three years old in February 2015, as his mother I will no longer have to worry whether or notmy son is behind in his speech development, that’s the gift that Ariela gave to my son and I and it is priceless.

Eitan, 11

Ariela Shandling is an incredible Speech Therapist! My 11 year old son worked with Ariela over the course of several months to improve his speech. He immediately felt very comfortable and confident working with Ariela. She connected with him in a way that made speech therapy fun and engaging. Ariela's continuous encouragement in his abilities made my son feel proud of his achievements. 

Ariela is highly regarded among my family and friends as the best speech therapist!!! I am truly thankful to Ariela for correcting my son's speech.